How to Get a Free Rolex Watch

Here’s how to get your free Rolex watch if you don’t already own one:1.

Sign up for a free account on Rolex.com2.

Click on the Rolex logo in the top right corner.3.

Enter your email address (if you don´t have one already)4.

Select “Get Started” and click the “Submit” button.5.

Once the “Get started” screen loads, click the red “Get the Free Roix Watch” button and follow the prompts.6.

Once you receive the watch, click “Start Shopping” to begin shopping.7.

The watch will be automatically added to your cart.8.

You can now use the same Rolex account to shop for other Rolex products.9.

Once shopping is complete, simply click the blue “Close” button to close the shopping cart.10.

When you have completed your shopping, the watch will automatically be added to the app.11.

You will receive a notification once you’ve successfully added the watch to your account.12.

Check back with Rolex to see if the watch is added to other retailers, or if it will be removed from your account if you do not add it to your Rolex shopping cart in the next 24 hours.