What to expect from the upcoming Apple Watch Series 2 event

Apple Watch, the latest in a line of smartwatches that includes the Apple Watch 2, will arrive in stores and online in just a few weeks.

While Apple’s wearable has been in limited supply for a few years now, the new line of watches is expected to hit stores first in September and run through to the end of 2018.

The watch will be available in three colors: silver, gold, and rose gold, which is a nod to the color the first watch in the series, the stainless steel Apple Watch.

The Series 2 watches will feature a more advanced display, including a new OLED display with more pixels than previous models.

The new Series 2 will have an integrated heart rate monitor and other new features, including Apple Pay support.

Apple Watch 2 is expected in stores around September.

While it’s still unclear what will be included in the Series 2 line, the company has already confirmed that the Series 1 watch will feature the same display as the Series 3 model.

Apple will be unveiling the Series 4 watch in early October, with the new watch expected to go on sale in September of 2018, though Apple hasn’t released pricing information yet.