When a woman was attacked and robbed, she called 911 for help

Posted September 16, 2019 12:19:39Two weeks after a man was robbed at gunpoint, a woman called 911 to report that she’d been assaulted by a man she thought was a friend.

A police report obtained by Newsweek indicates that the woman called police on Oct. 19, after the robbery, after she felt that her friend had assaulted her and had left the apartment.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found a white man, age 27, who told police he’d robbed the woman of her cell phone and cash and had forced her into the back of his vehicle.

The victim, who was not identified, told police that the man had taken her purse, wallet, cell phone, and her clothes.

Police took the woman to a hospital, where she was treated for minor injuries, including bruises and cuts, and then released her to her family.

The victim’s sister, who identified the suspect as a 26-year-old black man, told Newsweek that the police were quick to release the man and that she was not happy.

“I didn’t want them to release him,” the victim said.

“I was scared that they were going to take my family and that he might hurt me.”

The victim told Newsweek she believed the suspect may have been responsible for the robbery because he had “a long history of being violent and erratic,” and that “the police seemed to be too quick to react.”

The woman was released from the hospital and told Newsweek, “He told me he had robbed me and I was scared for my life.”

In addition to the robbery and assault, the woman told police she’d received a number of text messages from the suspect, who also had a history of violence against women, including an attempted rape.

“The messages [from the suspect] were telling me to kill myself,” the woman said.

“He had said that if I didn’t kill myself I would be going to jail,” she added.

“He said that I would never see my family again, and I felt really violated.”

The police report does not detail the woman’s race or age, but Newsweek has confirmed with the victim’s family that she is of African American descent.

The suspect was arrested at his apartment, and he is being held on $25,000 bail.

Newsweek has reached out to the police department for further comment.

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