Why do Apple Watch users think the bachelor is the best man?

Apple Watch is becoming more popular as a wedding band and the company is now planning to make a version for the bride and groom as well.

Apple Watch users are now more likely to ask Siri to choose the best men in the room to have their wedding ceremony, according to a new survey from the Apples Survey.

The survey found that 57 percent of Apple Watch owners say they are more likely than others to ask the service to choose someone who looks and speaks like their husband or wife.

Only 23 percent of the respondents said they are less likely to do so, and 17 percent said they were unsure.

The survey found 42 percent of men and 46 percent of women said they would have a less than perfect experience if they were choosing someone different from themselves.

“If you have an Apple Watch, and you want to get married, you might want to make sure you are choosing someone you like a lot,” the survey asked.

“This could mean choosing a person you find interesting or someone you find attractive.

You might also want to consider who looks like your husband or your wife, and how they would act in the presence of your family and friends.”

The survey was taken from March 6 to March 11.