Apple Watch 3 specs, price, and availability

Apple Watch owners have been waiting to get their hands on a new model since the Apple Watch 2 launched in October.

It took nearly two years for the new model to arrive, and it has not yet made its way into stores.

Now that the first Apple Watch is finally available in the US, it’s time to get a full look at what’s inside and how it stacks up to the original Apple Watch.

As you might expect, the Apple Watches have a new design, a new watch band, and a new strap.

There are a few new features too, like the inclusion of an optical heart rate sensor, which will give you a little more control over your heart rate while you’re watching.

We’re expecting to see a bunch of new accessories coming in the coming months, so keep an eye out for the latest Apple Watch models to be announced at WWDC next week.

The Apple Watch has a 4.5-inch display, but the model that we’re testing right now has a 2.3-inch screen.

That’s the same size as the iPhone 5s, which was released earlier this year.

The difference is that the new Apple Watch also supports Apple Pencil, which is similar to the Pencil in the iPhone.

The Apple Pencer is more expensive at $99, and you’ll want to pick one up before the launch of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but it’s worth it to get that extra touch screen.

The watch is a tad smaller than the original, but there are no other major differences.

Apple Watch 3 features:A redesigned stainless steel case and bezelWith the release of the Apple watch 3 in September, Apple announced a redesigned stainless stainless steel watch case.

The new case includes a matte finish, a larger display, and is a bit wider than the existing Apple Watch and the original model.

You can also see the new watch bands in action on the left side of the screen, as well as the watch band itself.

The new stainless steel strap has a metal band on the back, and the new straps have metal bands on the front, but both have plastic bands.

The bezel is completely different on the new design.

It now has the familiar rectangular bezel, but with a smaller rectangular crown on either side.

There’s a new bezel pattern that you can change between when you’re viewing the display.

It’s slightly thicker than before, and that’s just because of the new strap design.

The crown is now wider, and there’s a button that you press when you pull the crown off.

It makes it easier to swap between the different straps on the watch.

The band itself is also more comfortable to wear than before.

The band on my old model is very thin and uncomfortable, and now I wear it without any discomfort.

It also feels a little thinner than before in my hand, so it feels a bit more secure to me.

The watch band also has a magnetic clasp, and although it looks very much like a standard Apple Watch band, it has a built-in microUSB port to charge your phone.

I can actually use my iPhone to charge the watch, and I don’t even need to wear a charger.

The microUSB plug on the Apple Band also doubles as a charging dock, so you can use your phone to charge other devices while the watch is connected.

The redesigned stainless case is much smaller than beforeWhen you open the watch up, you’ll find a small metal case that looks a little bit like the Apple Penco model we previously reviewed.

The metal case is thicker than the older case, but that’s because the metal case has been made from a higher quality material, which means it will hold up better to normal wear and tear.

The case is also a little thicker than on the original.

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with the design of the watch case, and Apple is keeping it simple with this new design too.

The plastic band is still there, but instead of a circular ring on the top, there’s now a flat line at the top.

There is no notch on either end, which makes it look a little better.

There isn’t even a metal strap around the watch to hold it in place, which isn’t bad considering that it was made from scratch.

I don, however, prefer the rounded edges to the circular design of last year’s case.

It definitely looks nicer, and looks much more polished than it did last year.

I love the new case design.

The metal band is removableThis new version of the stainless steel band is much better than last year, and allows you to use it to charge an iPhone or iPad.

When you put the band on, the bottom part of the band slides off, revealing the tiny metal slot that houses the Apple App Store.

It holds an Apple iPhone 5, 5s or 6s, as long as the battery is charged.

The same slot is