Apple Watch 44mm

Apple has finally started making the 44mm Apple Watch watch available in the US.

The company announced this morning that the new device will be available in April, though the watch will be sold only through select Apple Stores in the country.

The new watch is the third in a series of watches that will be offered by the company starting with the Apple Watch 3.

Apple will sell the Watch in 40mm and 45mm versions for $300 and $390, respectively.

The first four watches in the series will be announced in the coming weeks.

Apple will also start offering new accessories for the Watch as well.

The first accessory is the new Apple Watch Sport.

It’s a stainless steel watch band that’s available in silver and stainless steel.

The watch band comes with a stainless buckle that slides onto the strap to attach to the watch.

It also has a buckle that attaches to the top of the watch case.

It’s a limited edition of 25, so you won’t be able to get one.

The Sport band will be $100 when it goes on sale in April.