How to make your own pocket watch

When I was in elementary school, I spent an hour every day trying to make my own pocketwatch.

The watch was a pretty big deal in my neighborhood.

I’d spend the next couple of weeks putting together a watch and then a little more money on the watch for my father, so we could keep it on his wrist for his daily appointments.

After that, the watch became a hobby.

In the early years of my own watch making, I knew it would take a bit of time to get everything working and the watch could be a little difficult to fit into my pocket.

When I went to college, I started with a new watch and got to know it.

I tried to use as much as I could and then I bought a few more to test.

When I did my final watchmaking class, I learned a lot.

I got a really good sense of what works and what doesn’t.

After that, I went through several different watchmaking techniques and finally settled on the one I wanted to make.

I had been making pocket watches for a while and the one that really helped me get things started was this watch.

The first time I saw it, I thought, Oh my god.

This watch is so cool.

It’s so much fun to watch.

I bought it, and I started making it a little differently than I had before.

First, I built the movement.

This is a big deal.

The second thing was the case.

When you make a watch, you’re always looking for a good case.

It helps make the watch stand out, to me.

The third thing is the strap.

The strap is a little complicated to do, but it makes a difference.

Now that I’m making my own, I’m trying to do something similar with my pocket watch.

This time I’ve made a few different straps.

Some of them are really simple and you can find them on the internet.

The others are more complicated and require a bit more work, but they make the most of the watch.

Some people like a plain white watch strap, others like a black strap.

I really like the black one.

You’ll notice that it has a little white band.

It makes it stand out a bit and it adds a little something to the watch that makes it special.

I like it because it’s not just a plain strap, it’s a black and white watch.

You can also make it with an aqua band, a brown band, or with a silver band.

If you make it this way, you’ll be able to see the minute hand on the case and the seconds hand on your watch. 

I’m really proud of the results of this watchmaking.

I’m pretty pleased with how well it turned out.

I think it looks pretty cool.

It’s been really fun making this watch, but I can tell you it took a lot of time.

It took me more than a year to make it.

If I didn’t spend so much time, I don’t think I’d have been able to make something that good.