‘Star Trek’ Season 7 Premiere Date Is Confirmed For February 22, 2020

Pocket watches, smartwatches and even smartphones are coming to Amazon Prime Video, and the streaming service is hoping the arrival of its flagship shows will bring in some new fans to the service.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Amazon Studios CEO Roy Price talked about the “Star Trek” seasons to come, saying they’ll be available for Prime members on February 22 and then later on March 2.

Price didn’t specifically say which seasons they’ll debut, but he did say there will be “many” of the popular series in the series.

In addition to “Star Wars,” Amazon will also debut “Gilmore Girls,” “Bones” and “Arrow” in 2019, Price said.

The first of the series is set to premiere on Amazon Prime in February 2020.

The other seasons are expected to be available in March and 2020.

Watch the full interview with Roy Price below.