Why did you vote for Hillary Clinton? Because she is the only woman running

A CNN panel was discussing the upcoming Democratic debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The debate is being held at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.

EST (0100 GMT) on Thursday, June 9, 2016.

The event will feature questions from the audience and is expected to air on CNN and CNN en Español.

Watch the full segment on CNN below: In response to the CNN panel, a group of women and girls from a local youth group took to Twitter to share the story of how they got involved in the debate.

I voted for Hillary.

But I was tired of the misogyny and the sexism.

The people on stage were amazing, and I felt so empowered to stand up for our rights.

The young women at the debate deserve our support.

They deserve a chance to shine.

Let’s support them and see them fight.

#ImWithHer#ImWithHillary pic.twitter.com/eH5gZ8ZgZy — Phelim (@Phelim) June 9.

2016 The group, which is called #ImTogether, was created to support the Democratic candidates in the upcoming election.

In addition to the youth group, the campaign is also planning to send a number of members of the audience to attend the debate, according to a statement released by the group.

The campaign said that the women and young people will be present in the arena as a part of the crowd and will participate in discussions with the candidates during the debate in order to create a more inclusive environment.

This is not about electing a president, but electing leaders that will protect our communities, make our schools safer, and help our country move forward.

On Friday, June 10, a similar crowd gathered outside the arena in Las Vegas to support Hillary Clinton.

In an Instagram post on Friday, May 20, Clinton wrote: “This is a time of reckoning.

We have a responsibility to show up to the debate as the candidates and their surrogates are there to listen and to listen closely.

It is a moment to remind ourselves and each other that we are not alone.

We are not all the same.”

The Clinton campaign said in a statement that the event was an “incredible opportunity for the young women and their supporters to hear from the candidates about issues that matter most to them and hear their views on how we can get to the middle class.”