How does wind energy compare to fossil fuels? – The West Coast Times

Wind power has been on the rise for a while, and now the West Coast is seeing it come into its own.

Wind power generation is now up more than 5 per cent over the past year, according to figures released Tuesday by the West Australian Energy Commission.

That’s a huge increase, according the commission, which is hoping to see more of the industry get into the grid as the economy improves.

It says the sector’s growth rate is also higher than what it saw during the peak of the peak oil boom.

Wind is one of the cleanest energy sources in the world, but it still emits greenhouse gas emissions.

That is why the commission is asking the industry to do its part to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

The commission says the biggest contributor to emissions from the sector is the transmission of electricity.

The company behind the data says the average capacity of a wind farm in Western Australia is just over one megawatt hour.

In comparison, wind power generation in the United States accounts for about three megawatts.