Netflix has ‘no plans’ to stream games on iOS devices in the future

The video streaming service Netflix has said it “no longer plans to stream on iOS.”

According to the company, the “app will not be able to stream online games on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as of this release.”

AppleInsider first reported on the company’s new policy, which it described as “a precautionary measure to ensure that customers can access the Netflix app on their iOS devices.”

Apple said in its announcement on Tuesday that it has “no plans” to bring streaming games to iOS devices and that users who do have access to them will be able “to watch the games through their Apple TV, Apple TV Remote, or other iOS device.”

While the Netflix-iOS compatibility issue has been a common complaint for a while, it’s the first time a major streaming service has explicitly stated that it will not allow its apps to stream iOS games.

While AppleInsider previously reported that the company would eventually roll out streaming games on iPhones and iPads, the company has yet to officially announce plans for that, even after its announcement.

The streaming service’s decision comes on the heels of reports that Netflix was exploring an iOS game subscription service.

In October, AppleInsiders reported that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was planning to offer a streaming game service to iOS users in a new partnership.

The report claimed that the service would include “streaming games, movies, TV shows and music,” and would offer subscribers access to Netflix’s existing apps, such as Netflix, iTunes, and HBO Go.

Netflix has not confirmed the report.

AppleInsiders has reached out to Netflix for comment on the latest development and will update this story if we hear back.