Watch maker sells cheap Apple Watch for $99,000

Watch maker Kenco is selling the $99K watch it made for the Apple Watch at its annual shareholder meeting.

The watch was shown off in September.

Kenco will make the $499K Apple Watch.

The company is one of many companies making cheaper watches that are being sold online for $500 to $1,000.

Kenco also plans to release a “full-size” version of its watch that will have a larger display.

Kencans Apple Watch will be released sometime next year.

More Apple Watch news from Bloomberg:Apple Watch is not the first watch to be made by Kenco.

Last year, the company released a $2,200 quartz watch.

Kenko also makes a $1.2 million mechanical watch, the Kenco Watch II.

Kenco said the $399 Apple Watch is designed for “serious professionals” who need a high-quality, wearable.

Apple Watch was announced in April, but its availability and pricing has been delayed several times.