WATCH: The best Apple Watch models for 2019

Watch: The Best Apple Watch Models for 2019 Apple Watch Sport Series: 2-Pack Apple Watch: 2.99-Pack-Available at Best Buy, Best Buy stores and Best Buy locations (via Best Buy) Apple Watch Series 2-pack: $249.99 for the two-pack, $349.99 as a two-day shipping, or $499.99 in-store.

The two-piece version of the Apple Watch will be available in March 2019.

Apple Watch Pro: $299.99 with an additional two-week shipping (via Walmart, Amazon and BestBuy) Apple TV: $59.99 (with $50 discount for Best Buy or Best Buy Plus members) (via Apple TV) Apple iPhone: $49.99-$59.79 with an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus (via Target) iPhone SE: $199.99 plus a $20 Amazon Gift Card (via Amazon) Apple Music: $12.99 per month with Apple Music Pass for $19.99 a year (via iTunes) Apple Pencil: $29.99 ($2.99 fee) with Apple Pen Store for $9.99 at Apple Stores (via Staples) Apple EarPods: $24.99 or $49 per month (via Beats) Beats Audio EarPodcasts: $5 per month or $19 per year for the Beats Music Unlimited Premium subscription ($79 a year) for $39.99 each, or the Beats One subscription ($29 a year for $99 a month) for free (via Tidal) Apple HealthKit: $39 (via Samsung, Google Play, and Apple Music) Apple Pay: $10.99, $24, $49, $99, or more for the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus (Via Best Buy and Walmart) iPhone XS: $999 (via iPhone Store, Apple Store and Apple Online) Apple Watches: $499, $799, or up to $1299 (via retailers, BestBuy, and Walmart via Best Buy’s app) Apple Wireless EarPads: $20 per month for the Apple Wireless AirPods ($79 per year), or $29 per month ($99 per year) (or up to 5 for $69 per year if you buy two at the same time, or a $249 per month deal with a third, plus free shipping) Apple CarPlay: $129, $149, or down to $29 (via App Store, iTunes, and Amazon) Mac Pro: up to a total of $4,199 with a 2TB Fusion Drive (via Mac Store) iMac: $899, plus $249 for upgrading to the latest model (via a free upgrade for AppleCare Pro or MacCare Gold members) iBook Pro: Free for an unlimited period of time (via iBooks) MacBook Pro: Up to a combined total of 12TB for an iBook Air (via MacBook Store) MacBook Air: Up for $2,499 (via the Mac App Store) iPhone 6s and 6s Plus: $749 (via iPad Store) iPad Pro: Starting at $999 with Touch ID Touch ID fingerprint scanner (via an iMac) iPad Air: $2 of any new iPad Air (starting at $599) for Apple Care Gold members and $1,499 for non-AppleCare Gold AppleCare Gold users (via iCloud) MacBook: Up until September 2018, you could upgrade to the new MacBook Pro (starting with the 12.9-inch version, starting at $1.039 per year or $1 (with a free AppleCare Gift Card) per device) with up to 15GB of memory.

Upgrading from the 12-inch MacBook Pro to the 13-inch model is also free with the purchase of an additional $199 with the MacBook Pro, or with the iPad Pro (excluding Touch ID).

Mac: Upgrading to the Mac Pro (with the 12″ MacBook Air, 12″ Mac Pro, and a second 128GB PCIe SSD) is $1K ($3,199), or up for $1M with a $999 annual upgrade.

Upgrades to the 15-inch Mac Pro are $1 million, $1 billion, $2 billion, and $2.5 billion, respectively.

Apple TV and Mac: Apple TV (starting from $59 per month, $69 for the MacBook Air and $99 for an upgrade to Apple TV Pro, plus additional $59 for the new Mac Pro with Touch Bar): Up to two Apple TVs in one bundle (via new TV bundle and existing TV bundle) for an additional 60% off of the retail price (via apple TV store) Mac: $99 (starting in March) for the 12th-generation Mac Pro or $249 (starting on September 1, 2018) for a second 12th generation Mac Pro.

Mac Pro upgrades to the 12″ MacBook Pro are available