Apple Watch 2 charger with 3.5mm headphone jack gets Apple Watch review

Apple is rolling out a new version of its smartwatch charger that it says will make charging even easier.

The new Apple Watch Power Charger will come with a 3.0mm headphone socket, which allows users to plug in headphones that charge on a 3-way connector instead of just one.

It’ll be available in two sizes: 4.99mm and 6.99 mm, with both going for $79.99 in the US.

The 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus, Apple’s $399 iPhone 6, and the 6s will also be available.

The charger’s 3.1mm headphone port has also been moved to the back, which means users can plug in the Lightning connector to the iPhone 6 and the iPad Mini, and use the headphone jack on the Apple Watch.

Users can also connect a wireless charging pad to the charger and use that as a power source.

Apple says it’s also included a USB-C port that can be used for charging Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, or the Apple Music app.

Users should be able to plug the Apple Power Charging Cable into the Apple TV, iPhone 6 or iPad Mini and charge the Apple devices at the same time.

The Apple Watch is available for preorder now.

The iPhone 6 is also available for $199.99.