Apple Watch sales top $2.4 billion in US, new figures show

WATCH:Apple Watch sales in the United States increased in March from a year earlier to hit a record $2 billion, according to data from data firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

The firm’s quarterly data showed that the Apple Watch accounted for almost 1 in 4 watches sold in March.

That’s up from 1 in 3 watches sold a year ago.

Kantar WorldPanel ComTech said that the increase in sales was primarily due to the surge in interest in the smartwatch as it became more affordable and as the product line continued to expand.

The Apple Watch was also the best-selling wearable for men, according a new report from comScore.

Men accounted for 43% of Apple Watch purchases last month, up from 32% a year prior, the data showed.

Women accounted for 32% of overall purchases last year, down from 38% a decade ago.

Overall, women accounted for 62% of the overall U.S. wearable market in March, up 6% from April and the highest percentage since January.

Kendall Carter, the vice president of product at comScore, said Apple Watch demand was up 14% in the U.K., 11% in Australia, 11% and 7% in Germany.

In France, it was up 3%.

Kantars’ report came on the heels of Apple announcing that it had sold more than 100 million Apple Watch units in its first year.