Disney Parks and Disney Junior: Disney’s ‘The Haunted Mansion’ returns for a limited release in August 2018

Disney is returning the Haunted Mansion for a few limited releases in August, and they’re bringing back the characters that made it famous in the first place.

The Haunted House and the Haunted Baker are back in 2018, and will hit the Disney Parks app in both 2018 and 2019.

The Haunted Baker is a new attraction that brings back the Haunted House for a time period in 2018 and is a fun time to be in the Haunted Woods.

The new attraction also brings back some familiar faces as well, including the Haunted Bobsled Team, Haunted Mansion characters like the Boo-Boys, and the iconic Mad Hatter.

You’ll be able to take a tour of the attraction during its first week of availability in September 2018, so check back for more details on the attraction and its new characters.

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