SharkWatch women’s watches

A new set of womens shark watch styles will be available in March, as part of the global SharkWatch womens watch collection.

Designed to look more like a women’s watch than a man’s, the models include the Aquarius Aquaris Shark Watch and Aquarius Tango Watch.

The Aquarius Aqua Shark Watch will be a full-body, water-resistant Aquarius watch with a built-in light-up display.

The Tango is an ultralight Aquarius smartwatch that features a built in motion tracker, a battery-powered heart rate monitor and a built up screen.

The Aquarius Omega Shark Watch features a new face that resembles a crocodile’s skull, with a black face and a silver back.

The watch will be released in March at an unspecified time, and will cost $2,399.

The Aqua Shark is a waterproof Aquarius-style watch that features an adjustable, dual-curve bezel with a white face and black bezel.

It will be priced at $1,399 and will include a water resistant version with a stainless steel case.