When Apple Watch 6 and iPhone 6 come to the UK

Apple Watch Series 6 will be available to UK customers for purchase starting April 30th and the iPhone 6 Series 6 comes to the US for purchase on May 18th.

Both the new models are expected to be available at Apple stores in April.

The Apple Watch series 6 comes with an all-new design, which Apple says is inspired by the look of the Watch Sport, which was launched in 2016.

The watch also includes a new complication design called the Touch ID sensor, which allows the watch to recognize your hand’s movements, giving it the same security as Apple Pay, Apple Pay Plus and other credit cards.

The watch will also include an improved face recognition feature called the Face ID, which helps track your facial expressions.

Apple says the new watches have a wider variety of complications than the first generation models.

The Series 6 adds the ability to change the band size, date, and more.