Which Samsung Watch should you buy?

It’s not all about the big screens and the new apps, though.

The new Samsung Watch comes in two flavors: the $150 Gear S3 Edition and the $200 Gear S4 Edition, which are basically identical except that they offer different models, screen sizes, and bands.

Here’s what to expect.

What to buy: The Gear S2 and S3Editions come in black, silver, and gold, and are all identical except for the bands.

The Gear 3 Edition comes in a black-and-white version and the Gear 2 Edition comes with a black band and a silver band.

The Samsung Gear 3 is available in three colors: black, gray, and rose gold.

If you want a smartwatch with more screen space and more customization options, the Gear S5 Edition comes without the band and with a white band.

If that’s too much to ask, the Samsung Gear S7 Edition comes only in black and silver.

The Gear S9 Edition comes just like the Gear 1 Edition, except with a matte black band.

It’s also available in a silver, rose gold, black, and white.

The Note 3 Edition is similar to the Gear 3, but it’s not available in either white or black.

Samsung says the Note 3 is a better value than the Gear 5 Edition because it has a bigger screen, but I have no reason to believe that’s true.

The S9 will cost you $150 more, but you can get a new Samsung Gear 2, Gear S6, or Gear S8 for the same price.

The difference is in the price of the Gear SmartBand (available for $40 more than the S3, but not much more).

The Note 2 and Gear 4 were already available with a band, but the Gear 4 is only available with white bands, and the S6 and S8 are only available in black bands.

If it’s too expensive, the S5 and S6 Edition are also available with bands.

The Samsung Gear Sport is the smartwatch you want if you’re looking for a more versatile watch with a bigger display, but that doesn’t mean you should pick it up just because it’s more expensive.

If a smartband is your main source of entertainment, it’s worth getting the Samsung Watch.

You get the same apps, the same features, and a bigger touchscreen that’s more useful than ever.

The only difference is that you’ll have to pay extra for the Samsung SmartBand.

The most popular smartbands are the Pebble, the Pebble 2, and Samsung’s own Gear Fit.