Apple Watch Sport gets new watch face, notifications, new notification settings

Apple Watch Watch Sport get a brand new watch faces and notification settings app, along with a new “watch faces” section.

The new app lets you choose from the following watch faces:The watch faces are available in the watchOS app, and can be used for custom watch faces or custom notifications.

The watchOS apps will work with the new watchface app, but the new notification app will only work on watches with a compatible software update.

The new watchfaces also come with new watch apps, but not all of them will work on the new Watch.

The most notable changes to the new app are a new watch app called “Watch”, which allows users to access notifications and settings directly from the watch.

The watch app is the first watch app to integrate the new “Watch” section into the watch app, allowing you to customize and save settings directly on your watch.

Other watch faces include “Time,” “Clock,” “Date,” “Today,” “Wake Up,” “Messages,” and “Today” to name a few.

The notification section will also be available on the Watch app, which will let you manage all of the notifications you receive.

The Watch apps will have notifications on their own, but will be updated automatically to show new notifications and events.

Apple Watch Sport will have support for the new notifications, notification settings, and watch faces.

The notifications will work as expected on the watch itself, with a swipe to access settings.

Apple Watch apps also have support on other watchOS watchOS devices, including the new Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Edition watches.

In addition to new watch and notification options, Apple Watch owners will also get new watch animations.

Apple will have new watch animation tools available to developers, including “Animations on the fly,” which will allow developers to add watch animations to their watch apps without needing to create new watchApps.

Apple also announced that developers will have access to the Watch Animations API, allowing developers to create watch animations for any app.